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For each different building and space, Milano Decoration will make a special interior improvement solution by heart. Styles, materials and prices are all flexible, all depend on your choice!

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  • Customized designing
  • Efficient production

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  • 5-year warranties

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Milano Decor’s Project Cases

Apartment Project

18 kitchens/ Wardrobes, 22 vanities/sinks

♦ Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

♦ Finished in 2016

apartment project
bathroom cabinet& toilet
kitchen cabinet

Villa Project

1 kitchen, 1 walk-in closet

♦ Los Angeles, U.S.A

♦ Completed in 2017

villa project

Hotel Project

24 kitchens/ Wardrobes, 32 vanities/sinks

♦ Paterson, NJ

♦ Finished in 2016

Hotel Project
kitchen cabinet
Bathroom Cabinet

Residential Project

8 units of kitchens/ bathroom vanities/ wardrobes

♦ New York, NY, U.S.A

♦ Finished in 2019

bathroom Cabinet
kitchen cabinet

Apartment Project

50 units of kitchens/ wardrobes/ vanities

120 Sinks, 60 shower enclosures

♦ Houston, TX, U.S.A

♦ Completed in 2015

bathroom cabinet& toilet
apartment case
Residential project

Villa Project

1 kitchen, 2 bathroom vanities

♦ Miami, FL, U.S.A

♦ Finished in 2018

kitchen cabinet

Dwelling Project

1 unit of kitchen, 3 wardrobes, 2 bathroom vanities& toilets, 4 sinks

♦ Vancouver, Canada, 2015

Dwelling project
home decoration

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